[wp-ui] Intro

Brent Stees brent at azsierra.com
Fri Jan 22 00:38:47 UTC 2010

 > if you're planning to contribute to the UI work ahead, please email
 > this list and tell us a little bit about you

Hi all!

I'm a WP fan/missionary and web development guru. Been designing for over a
dozen years and developing/web designing for a decade. I've been involved
with just about every phase of the web development process and translating
to the non geeks every step along the way.

Currently, I work in a webdev sweatshop running production. Still digging in
the ditches I also develop the jr's and troubleshoot all bugs and have
gotten to be fairly instant in identifying and fixing problems
(HTML,JS,CSS,PHP,Creative Suite, etc).

I'll lurk at first and chime in when I think I can add valuable input.

Talk soon,
Brent Stees

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