[wp-ui] First steps

Gordon Brander marlfoskr at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 18:45:29 UTC 2010

> a little bit about you: Your work background/ current job, specific design/usability/accessibility skills/talents that we should know about/make use of, what you hope to contribute to WP UI, your location/time zone, and maybe the one UI thing you would like to address in WP if given the chance.

I'm Gordon Brander,
I'm a UI designer and front-end developer at Crowd Favorite <http://crowdfavorite.com>. I'm based in beautiful Colorado. 

A handful of things I've worked on:

- Lead front-end dev for the Carrington Theme framework.
- Lead designer/front-end dev for the WP Mobile plugin.
- Tweaked the blue admin color scheme for the WP 2.7 release.
- Lead front-end dev on numerous projects for large companies, some of which get 1 million + uniques per day.

I have a well-rounded knowledge of the design process, from wireframing to comps to implementation. On the implementation side of things, I'm proficient with CSS and cross-browser issues, accessibility, markup semantics, and Microformats.

I would really like to work on:
- Streamlining the UI for Post Thumbnails.
- Revising the Site Admin panel (MU) design hierarchy to reflect the actual hierarchy of the application. This is an issue we did some initial design exploration on in late in 2009, and I would love to pursue it further. 

Site: <http://gordonbrander.com>

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