[wp-ui] default_wp_die_handler

Anatol Anatol
Sun Aug 15 15:47:30 UTC 2010

Hello world!

Situation 1: The user tries to log in. The user gives a wrong password.
A *pink* error message appears. End line. The user have to remember the
password. No change – no log in.

Situation 2: The user tries to comment. The user forgets to fill the
required email. A new window appears with a *white* message inside. End
line. The user have to go back and fill the required field. No email –
no comment.

You see, both situations are equal: no way. So we need the same message

I like the solution 1: pink error message (<div
id="login_error">Error</div>) In this case the class name cames from

So why don't we add the same class to the message in situation 2? It's
all about "default_wp_die_handler" function.

PS: Sorry for my bad English.

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