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To introduce
myself again: My name is Kristina Krause and I am a masters student in social
anthropology at the University of Canterbury in Kent conducting a study on
client-web designer relationships in the nonprofit sector. I am currently
seeking web designers and nonprofits who utilize Wordpress.org and who would be
willing to be interviewed.

The goal of this project is to better understand the ways in
which technology can become more sustainable for nonprofit clients by examining
how nonprofits interact both with web designers and website technology, or in
this case: Wordpress.  


As part of my research I would like to conduct two
interviews with participating web designers and nonprofits. The first interview
being very open-ended and involving a general discussion of the web design
process and the second more structured with questions evolving from the first. 


I would be incredibly grateful if participants could provide
me with 1 hour of their time on two separate occasions to conduct these
interviews. If you are based in England, relatively near Canterbury or London,
I would love to meet you in person. If you are located elsewhere, a phone
interview would be fantastic. 


Also, I prefer to film or record the interviews, dependent
on the interview location and to take one photograph of the interviewee to
attach to the transcript. If there is discomfort with any (or all) of these
methods, please do let me know. Interviewees of course have complete control
over all resulting information, and I can use a pseudonym if preferred. 


Finally, I would like to offer nonprofits in exchange to
answer any website related questions or to complete any minor updates if your
organization is in need. 


For web designers, I hope that my research will be a helpful
resource for you and an opportunity to reflect on your own workflow!


Thank you for taking the time to read my request, and any
further questions are welcome!

Please contact me at this email address:  k_kristina_ at hotmail.com.


I have also posted my research proposal (in progress)
http://www.appliedanthrodesign.com/research/ if interested.


Thank you again,


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