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#19995: Slow down of access to Multi-Site Admin area when Upgrading to 3.3.1
 Reporter:  bastosmichael  |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)   |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Multisite      |     Version:  3.3.1
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Comment (by weschyrchel):

 Nacin, Michael was posting for me.

 The url is http://www.controltec.biz. Even going to
 http://www.controltec.biz/wp-admin , you can experience the slowness.

 Since the update to Wordpress 3.3.1 the web site administrative backend
 takes up to 2 minute to move between pages.  The frontend is fine.  The
 issue is a common issue now with the multi-site feature.  The issue is not
 RAM, CPU or anything with the server.  I have optimized memory for
 Wordpress and PHP.  I have disabled all plugins, etc.  Nothing...

 We also ran the WP Optimize plugin. No improvement.

 In addition we implemented the following suggestion.

 If the issue is your queries are taking too long then in your wp-
 config.php file, add this line of code to the top:

 define('SAVEQUERIES', true);

 Then, in the theme's footer.php file, you can do this to dump all the
 queries and how long they took:

 global $wpdb;
 echo '<!--\n';
 echo '\n--!>';

 Then looking at the source of the page will show all the queries and a
 number showing how long they took.

 After you do this, turn the SAVEQUERIES back off by setting it to false in
 the wp-config.php file. You don't want it to spit out the queries all the

 If it's a wp-cron problem (possible), then you can possibly manually clear
 it up quickly by doing the following:

 Remove or comment out this line from wp-cron.php:
 if ( $_GET['check'] != wp_hash('187425') )

 Try these first but there may be other things you can try if that doesn't

 ALSO, the latest we are trying is this, http://wpengineer.com/1176

 If you have any suggestions, we would appreciate the help. Thank you!

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