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#14992: When Object Caching is enabled switch_to_blog causes issues with some
 Reporter:  simonwheatley  |       Owner:                 
     Type:  defect (bug)   |      Status:  new            
 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  Awaiting Review
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 Severity:  major          |    Keywords:  dev-feedback   

Comment(by hakre):

 Switch to blog is database only. Object Cache is not database.

 Strictly spoken, this is not a bug.

 As scribu already reported, this function is often not properly understood
 and therefore probably misused in some places. And as this ticket implies
 some of us might need more functionality in switching blogs, not only for
 the database context but also for the object-cache.

 I suggest to refactor switch_to_blog into switch_to_blog_database() and
 deprecate the older one/change it's use to switch every context available
 for a switch (e.g. database and then probably soon objectcache).

 Then other developers can implement new and needed functionality in
 similar named functions like switch_to_blog_objectchache().

 Just a raw idea:

 function switch_to_blog($blogid) {
   $blogid = normalize_blogid($blogid);
   if (!is_valid_blogid($blogid))
     return false;
   current_blogid = get_current_blogid();
   if (!switch_to_blog_database($blogid)) {
     return false;
   if (!switch_to_blog_objectcache($blogid)) {
     return false;
   return $blogid;

 In contrast to my argumentation in #14953, I think that the object-cache
 as it is something quite related to the database, should be able to switch
 as well and it should be useful to provide that functionality as well
 ASAP. I wonder how wordpress.com is dealing with such issues, assuming
 that they should have a setup when this comes into play. Maybe some wpcom
 devs can provide some useful feedback.

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