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#14972: Proposal:  Pool of common strings for core, themes, and plugins
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Comment(by demetris):


 Thank you for your comments!

 The amount of strings I have in mind for ''strings-common.php'' is not
 that large.  I was thinking about maybe 100–200 stable strings from core
 added to the common pool within the first few months, and at most 50–60
 non-core strings added within the first year, depending on feedback from
 plugin/theme authors and translators, and on stats from the two repos.

 (The text of my proposal or the file I attached may give the impression
 that I am talking about larger numbers, but the attached file includes
 only a few no-brainers, along with lots of candidates, some strong and
 some weak.)

 Now, 100—200 core strings added to the proposed common pool may not be
 impressive, but, considering that I was able to make a theme whose 70 out
 of 100 strings were core strings, it would be a great help.  If I knew
 that there are even 100 core strings designated for common use and not
 liable to change, I would start using this method right now.

 About getting stats from the repos, I agree with you.  They would be very
 useful.  Even more so if we want to start adding non-core strings to a
 common pool.

 I would do that myself, but my skills at text search and retrieval are
 below elementary.

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