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#14444: Send email to admin when update available
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     Type:  feature request  |       Status:  reopened
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Component:  Security         |      Version:  3.0     
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Comment(by Denis-de-Bernardy):

 I'm in agreement with Matty's comment.

 The "I'm too scared" crowd is the most problematic group. There are many
 such users. They know there's an upgrade. They care very much. But they're
 too scared to upgrade because things blew up in their face at some point.

 Second most problematic is the "I don't care" crowd. Maybe they no longer
 use their blog. Maybe they know a plugin or theme won't work after
 upgrading. Or maybe they just don't care and wish WP would stop nagging
 them so they can reclaim their screen real estate. In fact, I'd suggest
 that last subgroup is the majority. Upgrading, for hem, is too much of a
 chore, and possibly way over their head.

 The "I'm on it" crowd, based on WP usage stats, would be the majority.

 Last, but not least, it's like... Let's face it. WP should not be doing
 this. At all. How creepy would it be if your ''cellphone'' was filling
 your inbox when updates were available?

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