[wp-testers] Plugin upgrades available - no upgrade link

Ben Huson ben at thewhiteroom.net
Mon May 31 22:16:49 UTC 2010

Just installed the latest nightly build of WordPress 3.0

In the plugins section of the admin the Upgrade Available tab shows I
have one plugin that has an upgrade available - v0.91 Westi's
WordPress Beta Tester plugin. However that plugin only gives me
Deactivate and Edit links, no link to upgrade - is that right? Does
that mean you can no longer upgrade plugins directly from the plugins
section, you have to go to Dashboard > Upgrade?

It just completely threw me as I was in the plugins section viewing
plugging with Upgrade Available but no obvious way to upgrade them.

If I go into Dashboard > Updates I can check the box next to this
plugin an upgrade it fine.

- Ben

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