[wp-testers] upload_path and upload_url_path in a multisite environment

Jim McQuillan jim at jimmcq.com
Sun May 30 15:47:29 UTC 2010

I have a question about upload_path and upload_url_path in a multisite
environment.  This is relating to trac Ticket #12639
<http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/12639> and Ticket #12549

I'm trying to follow the code around this and in function
ms_upload_constants of ms-default-constants.php, the constant UPLOADS
get defined... but in function wp_upload_dir of function.php, there is a
line that starts with if ( defined('UPLOADS')

Something seems to be off there because why would you need to check to
see if something is defined if it is always defined.  In 2.9.2 MU,
UPLOADS was always defined... but I seem to recall seeing a change in
one of the early 3.0 nightly builds (before the first beta) where
UPLOADS was no longer always defined.  This seemed like a good thing to
me.  But now I notice in the latest 3.0 builds that UPLOADS is always
defined in ms-default-constants.php again.  Did someone change their
mind or is this a bug?

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