[wp-testers] Custom post type disappears when a post is un-published (Michael E. Hancock)

Stephen Hammer sh.hoboy at gmail.com
Fri May 28 07:34:14 UTC 2010

Michael, I can confirm that.  If I de-activate CFT the problem goes away.
I have posted on the plugin forum and written to Hiroaki but am wondering -- is this issue best addressed in the plugin or in core?

> --On both sites I am using Custom Post Type UI and also Custom Field 
> Template 1.6.5, which otherwise seem to play nicely together

> It's the Custom Field Template plugin.  Installed/activated, added template 
>  to Custom Post Type artists, and did Quick Edit and changed from Published 
>  to Draft and it caused the post_type to be changed to post.

>If you are of the mind, you might want to start a new thread at 
> http://wordpress.org/tags/custom-field-template?forum_id=10#postform and 
> report that to Hiroaki Miyashita.

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