[wp-testers] Custom post type disappears when a post is un-published

Stephen Hammer sh.hoboy at gmail.com
Thu May 27 10:59:20 UTC 2010

Maybe this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find it.....

I have created several custom post types and published some entries in each.  I have made archive pages for each type, listing the posts where post_type="custom-type" -- this works fine.

I wanted to remove a post from the archive page, so un-published the post by changing its Status from "Published" to "Draft".  But doing this also somehow changes the post_type for that entry in the database from "custom_type" to "post" -- they don't appear on the custom type's list of entries, but in the generic posts list, and also don't appear in the list on the archive page even when published again.  The only way I could find to change the post_type back to "custom-type" was by hacking the database. 

this can't be good.


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