[wp-testers] Creating a general archive page

Stefan Wallin, Festiz Webbyrå Stefan.W at festiz.com
Tue May 25 08:48:12 UTC 2010

Hi testers!

I'm trying to create a permalink that looks like *domain.com/archive/* and
want's it to go the *archive.php*-page however I'm getting *404.php.* I
could probably solve this by doing *page-archive.php *and creating a page
for "archive", but that is not optimal. Do you have any ideas why I don't
get to archive.php? Or are archive.php and archives.php only for tag and
categorybased archives?

Stefan Wallin - Festiz Webbyrå
0709-529 036 || stefan.w at festiz.com
http://festiz.com || http://twitter.com/Stefan_Wallin

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