[wp-testers] *Possible* issue in query.php

Gary Ross wp_testers at mojocafe.jp
Mon May 24 04:47:57 UTC 2010

I'm not sure if this is actually a bug/issue but I'm posting it here in case. 

In the wp-includes/query.php file around line 1680, you have this:

if ( $this->is_home && (empty($this->query) ...

However, in many previous versions or Wordpress MU from the beta series to 2.x at least, for me
has not been empty (when expected) because of a 
being set. 

I tried to track down what was causing $this->query to only have debug populated but I never could. I had no debug on or anything like that and the problem was not always consistent so not easy to reproduce. I ended up adding a 
if(is_array($this->query)) unset($this->query['debug']);
just before to alleviate the problem, but I'd be interested to know what's causing it or whether it's no longer a concern.


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