[wp-testers] Question about custom taxonomies

Adam van den Hoven adam.vandenhoven at gmail.com
Wed May 19 04:34:20 UTC 2010

Hey all.

I've created a custom taxonomy for my site and I've added terms to the
taxonomy in my functions.php so that they are minimally populated from the
get go. These taxonomies are not meant to be navigable but rather I'm hoping
to use them to indicate which content treatments to apply (for instance by
using a blue background for term "foo" and a green background for term

I don't really want to allow content authors to manage the list of terms in
the taxonomy, only to set which term applies to the content.

Setting 'show_ui' to false takes away both the taxonomy managing elements
and the ui to let you select a term for a content page.

Is it possible to enable one but not the other?

Also, is it possible to specify that only one value from a taxonomy can be


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