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The Edit Image features were added back in WordPress 2.9, I don't see any
wording changes for WordPress 3.0 for the thumbnail settings under Edit
If your server allows it, the crop all images is very handy for people
without a regular photo editor. They upload their images from their camera,
crop out Uncle Harry's scowl on all of the images. That cropped image is
then scaled down for the various images sizes.
It is not a browser issue that prevents the crop from working for you, it
works fine in Chrome, but rather a server issue. I teach WordPress so I have
students with all kinds of server configurations and the Image Editing
features only work for about 40% of my students.

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>   1. thumbnail settings (Dan Milward)
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> Hey Guys,
> I'm working on some WordPress 3.0 Media stuff at the moment and need
> some advice.
> Lets say I make a page. Add 10 images. Now when I open a Gallery, choose
> an image and then subsequently click Edit Image, there is this new
> little Thumbnail Settings box over on the right - but it doesn't seem to
> do anything (ok I haven't tried using it in anything but Chrome yet).
> When I drag a selection over the main image on the left then presumably
> the thumbnail image on the right hand side should change to reflect
> whatever is in between your crop marks back over on the left. And thus
> it should kind of work like thumbnail settings in Facebook right? Just
> for that one image right.
> So is this something being worked on now for 3.0? Perhaps if there is an
> open ticket for this we could look at it since I want this functionality.
> Also. I work a lot on this kind of thing and I think that the wording of
> the options underneath the words "Apply changes to:" should be changed,
> preferably the first option should be "Thunbnail. In fact I've never
> ever come across a situation where you might want to crop "All image
> sizes".
> Right I know what you're thinking (maybe), I'm guessing that this option
> means hey lets crop and scale the big picture too so its the same but
> bigger - but its not really clear thats what you mean when the option is
> under Thumbnail Settings.
> Maybe the words "All images sizes" should be changed to something like
> "Main Image" or "Big Picture too". Urghhh its too late to be writing and
> I'm not thinking particularly straight - I'm just trying to illustrate
> how there may be a little potential confusion for some people.
> I know you're out there Mr Word man!! Make it better :)
> Thanks guys!!
> Best,
> Dan
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