[wp-testers] Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ...

James Laws jamielaws at gmail.com
Thu May 13 17:18:03 UTC 2010

I have posted a lot recently about various issues I've been having and
concluded that there was something funky about my MU 2.9 upgraded to 3.0
install. I decided to do a fresh install of 3.0 and was wondering if anyone
could tell me what might be going wrong.

I'm getting this message when I try to search my global posts blog:

*Fatal error*: Allowed memory size of 209715200 bytes exhausted (tried to
allocate 42 bytes) in *[PATHINFO]/wp-db.php* on line *770*
200MB exhausted and only 85 posts in the database. I don't have this issue
on any of my MU-2.9 installs. Is this a global/known issue? Or is it just my
bad luck?

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