[wp-testers] Threaded comments order all wrong

Ajay D'Souza ajaydsouza at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 21:46:55 GMT 2009


I posted this in the support forum, but no reply there, hence the email 
out here, since I believe it is a bug.

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed this, but here's what happens:

I have set threaded comments to upto level 5 to be displayed on the blog.
After level 5, the user can no longer reply to the comments as the reply 
button is greyed out.

However, WordPress admin allows you to reply to this comment and at 
times I have replied from there past the five levels.

Now, the display of threaded comments is all wrong on the blog. These 
get displayed to the very end of the comments list and new comments are 
added above them, making it rather confusing for anyone reading the 

Additionally, people can continue to add replies to them and these 
aren't threaded.

Any solutions?

To get an idea of this, check out this comment 

This is a comment I made as a reply from within WP-Admin. Now if you 
make a comment on the post, you're comment will appear above this 
comment, as can been seen with most of the comments above.

is a reply to my comment above and it isn't threaded.

I'm totally clueless and this is a pain.


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