[wp-testers] Swedish letters and domain names

Dr R Azrin azrin at bbs.nu
Fri Mar 20 17:37:12 GMT 2009

I have this issue with .NU domains (BBS.NU/CHAT.NU) and the solution is 
using the long winded UUDecoded one , which means x-chau...something 

and it works.

Only the userid don't...for some reason..

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> Swedish letters åäö in WordPress URL? I doesn't seems to work at all. This 
> is kind of a blocker to Swedish users as it's getting more popular 
> everyday to use åäö in domain names. The same thing is bugging many of the 
> Swedish users for the user name, you can't use the Swedish letters there 
> either. Any tickets on this or should I create them?
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