[wp-testers] Mr Add Image To Post..

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 02:10:48 GMT 2008

Peter Westwood wrote:
> This message is from the nonce check code but no nonces are used by
> WordPress here.
> The previous poster found it was caused by a contact form plugin.
> Please try with all plugins disabled.

Just curious Westi, are there more plugins that use the nonces though? 
I'm wondering though, because even though I disabled that wp-contactform 
plugin by Ryan Duff... I was still having some troubles uploading an 
image via the uploader...

Perhaps listing my plugins would give a better explanation of my errors? 
I know, for maybe one more plugin to cause me grief is probably the 
BAStats plugin... Well, here's what I got though...

http://www.bad-behavior.ioerror.us/ Bad Behavior 2.0.13

http://asymptomatic.net/wp-hacks BAStats 1.0β build 8

http://chrisjdavis.org/category/wp-hacks/ CJD Spam Nuke 1.5.3

http://bueltge.de/wp-feedstats-de-plugin/171/ FeedStats 3.4

http://blog.jodies.de/archiv/2004/11/13/recent-comments/ Get Recent 
Comments 2.0.2

http://sw-guide.de/wordpress/plugins/maintenance-mode/ Maintenance Mode 3.2

http://planetozh.com/blog/ No Howdy 1.0

http://www.nosq.com/blog/runphp/ runPHP 2.2.2

http://unknowngenius.com/blog/wordpress/spam-karma/ Spam Karma 2 2.3 rc4 
plus akismet plugin

http://www.geekwithlaptop.com/projects/clean-archives/ SRG Clean 
Archives 4.1

http://alexking.org/projects/wordpress Twitter Tools 1.1b1

http://ryanduff.net/projects/wp-contactform/ WP-ContactForm 1.5-alpha

WP-Deadbolt 3.0

http://lesterchan.net/portfolio/programming.php WP-UserOnline 2.20

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