[wp-testers] Homepage keeps reloading automatically

Abhinav Sood webmaster at inspiritblog.com
Wed Aug 13 21:47:47 GMT 2008


I am facing this weird problem - my homepage keeps refreshing indefinitely
in loop... http://www.inspiritblog.com

This happens when I use the Scott Yang's permalink redirection plugin (
http://scott.yang.id.au/code/permalink-redirect/ )

I am on a Windows server and I have managed to set up pretty permalinks over
default ugly permalinks that I have been using since long! I need this
plugin to 301 redirect the old links to new links so that I dont lose SE
ranks and traffic.

But this homepage refreshing automatically is killing me as its increasing
my bill for excessive bandwidth consumption!

Can anyone please help me~!

Abhinav Sood

www.inspiritblog.com | www.teenagerforums.net

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