[wp-testers] Disable pagination by plugin?

Pixline › Paolo Tresso supporto at pixline.net
Sun Aug 3 21:39:16 GMT 2008

Don't know of any plugin. I think it would be something like this  
(untested) plugin code:

function no_next_page($content){
	$content = str_replace("<!--nextpage-->","",$content);
	return $content;


Of course, I may be wrong. This should be considered a concept, rather  
than a working code :-)

Il giorno 03/ago/08, alle ore 19:07, André Schieleit ha scritto:

> Hi,
> I am looking for a way to display a splitted page with <!--nextpage-- 
> > tags as a complete page.
> I want the reader to be able to choose if he wants to read it page  
> by page or as a complete one.
> Is there any plugin for that?
> If not, how can I achieve that?
> I searched quite a time but did not find any useful results.

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