[wp-testers] Homepage reloads automatically (Plugin Attached)

Abhinav Sood webmaster at inspiritblog.com
Sun Aug 3 14:10:20 GMT 2008

I have been facing this weird problem with my blog running Wordpress 2.6
Public release.

I am on an IIS host and for a fairly long period was using the ugly
permalink structure ( /?p=%post_id% )..
I wasn't satisfied with it and only recently found a way out. I have managed
to set up pretty permalinks on IIS
host but then I had two link structures - the old ugly permalinks didn't
redirect to pretty permalinks automatically
so I risked losing my page rank and indexing in Google.

To prevent that I used many redirection plugins but none worked effectively
Except the one by Scott Yang (I have attached the file...)
The problem is that the homepage keeps on reloading again and again,
(and so does the each page of sitemap reload automatically except the first

my blog is www.inspiritblog.com and I'll be really grateful if you guys can
help in anyway

Abhinav Sood

www.inspiritblog.com | www.teenagerforums.net

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