[wp-testers] WP 2.6 running slow

Kirk M kmb42vt at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 17:35:32 GMT 2008

No, I'm afraid not nor did it help on one of my clients sites but thanks 
for info anyway. After testing thoroughly, I updated both my sites to an 
early branch of 2.6.1 (r8511) a few days ago which apparently fixed the 
problem and I have recently upgraded again to 2.6.1 r8524. For all 
intensive purposes, the 2.6.1 builds have solved the problem.

One side effect worth noting is the manual rebuilding time of my XML 
Sitemap (via the Google XML Sitemaps plugin). With WordPress 2.5.1, the 
rebuild time averaged around 2-4 seconds. With 2.6, rebuild time 
increased to an average of 10 to 15 seconds but with the 2.6.1 builds, 
rebuild time is back down to 2 to 4 secs once again. Memory usage was 
the same though (around 21Mb's) however, deactivating that particular 
plugin had no effect on the Admin problem itself.

Another thing worth noting was that deactivating all the plugins sped 
things up quite a bit with 2.6 however, doing the same thing in 2.6.1, 
the difference in speed of the Admin is negligible whether all plugins 
are activated or not. The admin remains quick and responsive. The only 
solid thing I can say at this point is that no matter how I reactivated 
the plugins as in what order, one at a time, separate groups of plugins, 
whatever, the ultimate result was the more plugins that were activated, 
the slower the response of the Admin. The 2.6.1 builds do not exhibit 
this problem at all and neither did 2.5.1. The only other thing I can 
say for use now is that the more the 2.6 Admin was used, the slower it got.

And just to say I did, here's a list of the current plugins on all 3 
sites (updated to the latest version of course):

Admin Drop Down Menu
All in One SEO Pack
FeedBurner FeedSmith
Google XML Sitemaps
Maintenance Mode
Ozh' Absolute Comments
Simple Tags
Subscribe To Comments
WordPress Database Backup
WordPress Mobile Edition
WordPress Tweaks
WP Ajax Edit Comments
WP Security Scan
WP Super Cache

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