[wp-testers] WordPress blog extremely slow

Bull3t bull3t at ntlworld.com
Thu Sep 6 14:40:24 GMT 2007

Thanks to all who are helping me. He are my responses to the many replies I

John said:
> Certain types of plugins could potentially slow down your blog
> considerably. For example, plugins which do a lot of database reading
> without using WordPress' built in database class (as the queries don't
> get cached), plugins which use output buffering, plugins which write
> to the database during normal pageviews, there are many reasons.

Not sure if any of my plugins slow down my blog on their own, so I think it
is just the sheer weight of them.

John said:
> I'm not saying that you shouldn't have fifty plugins installed
> (although personally I wonder why you'd need fifty...), but it's
> pretty darn likely that one or two of your plugins are the root cause
> of your slowdown.

Yep, when I disabled all of my plugins, my blog sped up again - but some
plugins I just can't live without.

John said:
> Maybe try disabling all the plugins which only affect the admin
> interface, and not the blog itself, and see if you notice any
> improvements.

I could just remove some of my plugins that I can live without, I suppose.

John said:
> Failing that, try WP-Cache?

I have tried WP-Cache, but it didn't seem to work - it wouldn't create any
cache files (even though it was enabled).

uberdose said:	
> So you disabled all of your plugins and it wasn't faster?

I disabled all of my plugins and my blog speed was a lot faster.

Jeremy said:
> Activating around 10 plugins causes massive slowdowns for me. :)

Ouch, I really need to sort out my 50 plugins then, damn.


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