[wp-testers] is_home problem

Conrad - Conrad_Vanl conrad_vanl at convandesign.com
Thu Sep 28 03:17:45 GMT 2006



On the alpha 2.1 release when I'm trying to show a different sidebar on the
homepage then on other pages. To do this I've simply included in my
sidebar.php file:

<?php if (is_home()) { ?> (my sidebar stuff here) <?php } ?> 


But nothing shows up. No if I put 2 or more items in the if statement, for
<?php if (is_home() || is_archive('blog') ) { ?> it works like it should.


But that's not what I want. I would like it to be visible only on the home
(index.php) page. I have another if statement in the header.php that refers
to is_home and it works like a charm. Why isn't this working in my sidebar?


Thanks, Conrad VanLandingham

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