[wp-testers] Migrating 2.01 to 2.1

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Wed Sep 27 18:53:36 GMT 2006

Conrad - Conrad_Vanl wrote:
> Well I thought I got the upgrade problem fixed, but it seems now that I am
> getting a database error:
> WordPress database error: [Table 'epiphany_wp_main.refresh1_tags' doesn't
> exist]
> SELECT DISTINCT t.tag FROM refresh1_tags t INNER JOIN refresh1_post2tag p2t
> ON p2t.tag_id = t.tag_id INNER JOIN refresh1_posts p ON p2t.post_id = p.ID
> AND p.ID=98 ORDER BY t.tag ASC
> (or similar)
> I receive this error whenever I try to view a post whether it be in category
> view or in single view. Anyone know what this means?

WP doesn't use post2tag or tags tables.  That must be from a plugin.


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