[wp-testers] Formal Testing Program?

Lloyd D Budd lloydomattic at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 22:46:59 GMT 2006

On 9/26/06, Craig <nuclearmoose at gmail.com> wrote:
> Now that Lloyd-omattic is on board, does this mean that there may be a
> testing framework set up for us simple wp-tester-users can follow?

I like the way you are thinking Craig, though the term formal always
makes me nervous ;-)

Craig, if you would identify areas for black box testing or write test
scripts for an area that would be an awesome start! It would be great
if someone did it for less popular features like   post over email.

Are people looking for opportunities to contribute? I am foolswisdom
on #wordpress and eager to collaborate. No experience required and if
nothing else we can look at confirming some bugs together.

My first challenge as I have mentioned before is wading into
WordPress(.org) bugs. It is gong well and I am learning a lot about
WordPress' functionality and code.

It will likely take a major release cycle before I have a great
understanding of what will be successful in the next of WordPress. My
intention is to mostly do my own thing for the next while.

I have sent a couple asks that have gone unanswered which is not
surprising as it is a lot less exciting than discussing injustice,

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