[wp-testers] Conflict management. Was: About DB Backup

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Tue Sep 26 20:18:04 GMT 2006

It seems like most of this matter could have been addressed off list
initially rather than through public demand for Matt to justify his actions.
Matt could have contacted Skippy ahead of time, just as a courtesy too, but
hind site is always perfect.  

Issues like this WILL occur again, I've no doubt.  So, when an issue like
this comes up, it seems better to contact the person directly rather than
publicly challenging them and the morals they rode in on.  You might even
get a better explanation why things were done. Then if you don't like the
reasoning, no-one would fault you for taking it to the group and asking for
opinions there.  

To look at the current example, if that were to have been done here, Robert
would have quickly pointed out keeping the plugin in the distribution would
be a good way to update those people who haven't done so yet and then the
plugin would, likely, have stayed in, Skippy would still have it as a credit
to his name and everybody on the list would be a bit less pissed right now.

Brian Layman

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