[wp-testers] Looking for info about 2.1 changes

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Tue Sep 26 15:49:59 GMT 2006

Ryan Boren wrote:
> Yosemite wrote:
>> I feel totally in the dark here, hope someone can point me in the 
>> right direction. While testing I notice some changes that break things 
>> (like no more linkcategories table breaking themes). Before I do 
>> anything else I try looking for existing information about these 
>> changes and I'm having trouble finding them.
>> The removal of linkcategories from default creation is noted in Trac, 
>> but I don't see any information about what should be used in it's 
>> place, what changes do I need to make to my theme(s) to make links.php 
>> work?
>> Is the only source for this info Trac and/or what happens to be 
>> remarked in wp-hackers/wp-testers?
> API should be used, not direct SQL queries. In 2.1, wp_list_bookmarks() 
> should be used.  If it doesn't do something that is wanted, let us know.

Some themes seem to be re-implementing get_links_list(), for whatever 
reason. They are using SQL like this to get link cats:

$link_cats = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM 

This can be done in 2.1 like so:

$link_cats = get_categories("type=link");

Of course just using the higher level API like 
wp_list_bookmarks()/get_links_list() is easier.


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