[wp-testers] About DB Backup

Ryan Duff ryan at ryanduff.net
Mon Sep 25 21:46:29 GMT 2006

Robert Deaton wrote:
> On 9/25/06, Trevor Turk <trevorturk at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I'm still not clear on whether or not the plugin has a security
>> vulnerability, <snip>
> Do you honestly think Matt would just up and lie about a security
> issue existing?
> http://www.google.com/search?q=wordpress+database+backup+plugin+vulnerability
> Not to say that I think its enough or proper justification for
> dropping it entirely, but would Matt lie about it so blatently?

But that bug report is from back in the middle of August, and a patch
was created by Ryan Boren already and noted in the Secunia advisory

Why now, 5-6 weeks later, is it mysteriously dropped from trunk with no
real explanation.

As someone else said, he's replacing it with code that:

1. Doesn't do the exact same, export and backup are NOT the same.
2. Ties into another for-profit service he runs.

Ryan Duff
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