[wp-testers] About bug using non-ascii characters " ¿¡ ", slug and trackbacks

Héctor Delcourt (Armonth) armonth at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 17:29:05 GMT 2006

My english written sucks but i can try explain this problem (i can't find 
this reported in trac and I assume is not reported) using a example:

This bug is reported in WordPress 2.0.4 and old versions):

When your make title "Howto make this?" the "?" is deleted from slug 
(howto-make-this) but the "¿" and "¡" (used in spanish) is not deleted.

The slug from: "¿Cómo hacer esto?" (Howto make this?) turn 
in: "¿como-hacer-esto"... and the final URL is %c2%bfcomo-hacer-esto .

But when "%c2%bfcomo-hacer-esto" make a trackback to another post, this 
post received a wrong URI (c2bfcomo-hacer-esto) and go to Error404 page...

The most easy solution is filter "¿" and "¡" like the same way "?" and "!" 
is filtered...

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