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cinefilo cinefilo at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 15:45:00 GMT 2006


In its following versión of my first widget, Nube Comments Widgets 
I want to add support to it localization.

I have .pot file and .mo file for spanish translation but I don´t use 
the function |load_plugin_textdomain() because my widgets are in 
wp-content/plugins/widgets :(

|As I can add to support location for my widgets, anything suggestions?
I was using this code for testing:

$domain = 'nwc'; 
$mofile = ABSPATH . "$domain-$locale.mo"; 
$domain = 'nwc'; 
$locale = get_locale(); 
$mofile = ABSPATH . "wp-content/plugins/widgets/$domain-$locale.mo"; 
load_textdomain($domain, $mofile); 

.... but it has error with I activate it.

I´m testing in this blog : http://cinefilo.homelinux.net/demos/

Luis Pérez (cinefilo)

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