[wp-testers] Duplicate search results

Tassoman (mailing) ml at tassoman.com
Tue Sep 5 09:27:16 GMT 2006

I dunno how to patch this. But seems a bug.

Yesterday I was looking for "compiz" into my Manage Articles Admin page. I got
the list of posts, about ten of them were the same.

I was just thinking about duplicate posts, but looking better at the ID number,
it was the same ten times.

So I seem happpens that searches aren't unique for each post.

If I find 10 times a word in a post, the post is listed 10 times too. The same
happens in the normal search in public pages.

My version is svn 29 august, just before the Hunting.

My suggestion is: if the function is searching with a cycle (while/for/foreach)
it could be stopped by a break. If is a query, could be limited to 1.

My 0.2¢ of €, Bye Tassoman.

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