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mByte mbyte at mbzeus.net
Fri Dec 8 17:46:55 GMT 2006

It's my local problem, I think now... Maybe something happens with my
MySQL when I upgrade WP.

08.12.06, spencerp<spencerp1 at gmail.com> написал(а):
> >Yes, I run upgrade.php. I allways do it :) .
> I'm not sure why this would be happening, I just downloading the "latest" trunk files lastnight, and upgraded the main blog to those files (after very last SVN Trunk file commit had taken place).
> On the main blog, I had the RTE OFF for the longest time now, (option unchecked) under USERS => Profile. But, just to check on this "issue", I put a check in the box, and hit Update Profile button, went to Write => Post, and it was appearing as should be.. No problems..
> Then, went back to USERS => Profile, unchecked that option again, and hit Update Profile, and the RTE went away, like supposed too. I'm not sure *why* that would be happening to you, but, maybe try (deleting the files once,)  then uploading the files again, or, redownload a newer copy of it.. and try it again?
> Just to make sure, what I usually do is, I'll delete ALL the files and stuff, except for the wp-content/ folder, wp-config.php, and other plugin files, that are not in the wp-content folder.. And upload the new ones..
> But, I only do this for a "first" major upgrade.. (Example, from 2.0.X to 2.1 alpha3..) After that, any new SVN commits, I just redownload the trunk files to a folder called 2.1alpha3, and place ONLY the "latest" SVN files (which were modified/fixed) into another folder called "Updated 2.1 alpha3 files"... and upload those.. This way, I don't have to keep uploading ALL the trunk files, all the time.. I'm ONLY uploading the "latest" fixed ones... ;) :) It has been working for me, so I just keep doing it that way lol!
> If I had the option to run commands on the host (server), I would do that, but since I don't.. I use TortoiseSVN, and a FTP client. ;) :)  I hope you get this "problem" fixed soon though.. Good luck!
> spencerp
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