[wp-testers] Feedback needed regarding 2.0.5's FastCGIwp_redirect() Server 500 issue

Pål Grønås Drange paal at drange.net
Tue Dec 5 16:06:08 GMT 2006

Lloyd Budd wrote:
> On 11/30/06, Pål Grønås Drange <paal at drange.net> wrote:
>> Michael E. Hancock wrote:
>> > Mark,
>> >
>> > As you know, the problem in 2.0.5, at least on yahoo.com, one.com,
>> > aplus.com, and onsite.net hosts, exhibited itself immediately upon
>> > logging into the admin panel.
>> >
>> > Using the latest (4557) 2.0.6-alpha-1 and 2.1-alpha3, the problem
>> > seems to be fixed on a yahoo.com hosted account that previously
>> > required line 268 in pluggable-functions.php to be commented-out.
>> I can test this on one.com if that's wanted, but the
>> wordpress-2.0.5-tuneup plugin fixed it on 2.0.5, so I guess it should
>> work all right.
>> But I'll test if people find it needed.
> Hi Pål,
> Yes, please. The fix made for the next release is more "thorough" than
> wordpress-2.0.5-tuneup. It would be wonderful if you would test a
> recent nightly build or SVN.
> Thanks again,
> Lloyd
Sorry for the delay, but I finally got time to install it on a one.com 
server. It runs perfectly (2.1-alpha3) and no sign of the 500 Error.

Anything else you me to test while I'm at it?

-- Pål

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