[wp-testers] Issues with Mars Edit and Ecto

Warchild david.warchild at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 23:43:24 GMT 2005

I¹m running a mirror of WordPress 1.5 as the production site and the alpha
as an exact mirror.
I always post with either Mars Edit (text only) or Ecto (text, graphics,
layout). I discovered that with the 3/11 nightly that the Alpha will not
over write or edit the entry via these apps. With the 1.5 there is no
problem, but with the alpha I will end up with a NEW post for each edit.
I think that it¹s important to have xmlrpc compatibility and can¹t see or
figure out why it is broken in the alpha.
This is on a FreeBSD server and Ecto and Mars Edit are Mac OSX apps for
posting to blogs.
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