[wp-testers] Presentation

Prem Vilas Fortran Rara premrara at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 15:07:27 GMT 2005

> Il Sun, 6 Mar 2005 19:22:11 +0530, John Anderton
> <john.anderton at gmail.com> scrive:
> >I am a new user to the testing part and i'd like to know how do you
> >open a .tar. Where can i get a .zip of the latest nightly release ?

If you are in *nix operating system, you can untar and ungzip by "tar
-zxvf file_name.tar.gz"
tar is the archiver, -x extracts the files from the archive, -z
uncompresses the gzipped archive, -v verbose, -f specifies file.


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