[wp-polyglots] Splitting the WordPress POT file into core and multisite parts

Nikolay Bachiyski nb at nikolay.bg
Sat May 29 15:29:15 UTC 2010

The current POT file was starting to cause more and more problems on
php configurations with smaller memory limits. Splitting it is the
firts measure we are taking against that.

The WordPress strings are now split into 3 POT files:

* wordpress.pot -- includes all strings, except for multisite and
continents and cities.
* wordpress-ms.pot -- includes only multisite strings. More
specifically, strings from all files starting with ms-, my- and
wp-activate.php, wp-signup.php, wp-admin/network.php
* wordpress-continets-and-cities.pot -- includes only continents and
cities strings.

The proper MO file locations are:

* WP_LANG_DIR/<locale>.mo -- translation of wordpress.pot. This files
is loaded on every page load.
* WP_LANG_DIR/ms-<locale>.mo -- translation of wordpress-ms.pot. This
file is loaded only on multisite requests.
* WP_LANG_DIR/continents-cities-<locale>.mo -- translation of
wordpress-continents-cities.pot. This file is loaded only if timezone
information is needed.
How does this affect you as translators?

* If you use translate.wordpress.org, you will see a new project,
called Multisite. All translations of these strings has been moved for
you. You need to just translate.
* If you use Subversion, you can make a copy of your current
<locale>.po, update it with wordpress-ms.pot and then save it as
ms-<locale>.po in you messages/ folder. This way you won't lose any
* Rosetta has been updated to fetch ms-<locale>.po from both
locations: Subversion and translate.wordpress.org

Happy translating,

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