[wp-polyglots] 2.9: Loss of translation for certain plugins

Heiko Rabe info at code-styling.de
Wed Jan 6 16:46:39 UTC 2010

I have to add a few words on that.
Because the po/mo handling of wordpress core has been rewritten at WP 
2.9 (I think for performance and memory reasons) related to my po/mo 
file patch for WordPress. Reading the mo file header assumes now to have 
always mo files with a hash table included. But this is no must have 
feature of mo files but optional feature. The calculation inside now 
struggles with mo files not having such a has table and avoid loading 
such mo files.

The solution is quite simple: open the not loading file with the 
localization plugin editor and yust press "generate mo file" again.
Now the header fields of mo file will be set to work proper inside WP 
2.9 too and the translation will be loaded immediately.

sorry for that issue, last 3 month I was busy with massive personal 
problems and not able to maintain that plugin.
Now I am back and will maintain it as expected. Next major update will 
support WPMU more specific and more important, it is planned to support 
BuddyPress completely.

kind regards

Heiko Rabe
>> All reports I've seen have occurred on blogs with Codestyle
>> Localization installed. Have you heard of any other cases? If not, I
>> will look at Codestyle Localization source any of these days to see
>> what caused the problem.
> Plugin was updated:
> http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/codestyling-localization/changelog/
> I have one report saying it fixes all issues. Phew!

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