[wp-polyglots] Creating a POT file for my WP plugin?

Pandem pandemtandem at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 09:16:47 GMT 2006

Viper007Bond escribió:
> Hey all. I need a bit of help.
> How would I go about creating a translation template file for my 
> plugin on my Windows system? I've already __() & _e()'ed all of my 
> texts and I've checked out the Gettext command line thing, but it 
> looks REALLY complicated.
> Can anyone help me out?
> - Viper007Bond
You can use poEdit to easily extract your strings, then save the 
resultant file as [name].pot. However, in order to get your plugin 
correctly tagged, you must use the function 
load_plugin_textdomain('[name]') and add this textdomain to your tags 
like this: __('[some text string]', '[name]'). [name] could be an 
abbreviated version of your plugin's name; the different languages .po 
files shuld be named as [name]_xx.XX.po, where xx.XX is the locale for 
that language.


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