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Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Sun Nov 28 18:01:45 UTC 2010

On Nov 28, 2010, at 12:35 PM, Mike Little wrote:
> Dare I point out (again on this issue), that the 'average' WordPress
> use-case is the hundreds, thousands, or if you are lucky millions of hits
> day in and day out, on both your html pages and RSS feeds. *Not* the
> once-in-a-lifetime (if that, for most sites) transition from dev to live, or
> from server 1 to server 2 that has to be managed by dev anyway.
> Why burden those millions of hits with a calculation every time? There is
> enough processing of the content going on already without adding to that.
> As a developer, yes, this is an issue one comes across regularly. But it is
> a transitory issue (when you move from dev to live, occasionally when you
> update your test/dev rig from live) but per site it is very rare. Whereas
> the translation of relative URLs in RSS feeds, and wherever else they are
> needed should not have to occur on *every* hit, which is what you are all
> proposing.

Just to point out, both sides are "right."  

For most WordPress users who have blogs it's crazy to have the overhead and most people never need to change those URLs.

For the small number of people percentage wise who are using WordPress to develop websites whose budgets usually exceed US$5k and frequently exceed US$50k, this is a total PITA especially when sites are deployed sometimes more than once per day.

Both sides have opposing needs.  Unfortunately with WordPress as it is, only one side wins. And that side is the former. So learn to live with it  (unless and until a better answer comes along.)


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