[wp-hackers] Network activations and WP SlimStat

Dino Termini dino at duechiacchiere.it
Tue Nov 9 01:53:58 UTC 2010

Hi Otto,

thank you for your feedback. Please allow me to give you some more 
details about my plugin, so that we can all talk about the same stuff :)

> Looking through WP Slimstat, I see you're storing a ton of information
> on a per blog basis. Stats, visits, and outbound.
> Why are these not all in one table each? Why give each blog separate
> tables? I mean, you could add a measly blog_id integer and combine all
> those tables into a total of 6 tables only, no matter how many blogs
> there are.

Good question. Of course I could have introduced a blog_id and combine 
all the tables to make the thing scale no matter how big the network is. 
But what is the difference between 100 tables containing 1 million 
records each and 1 table containing 100 million records? The second one 
will be much much slower when performing SELECTS and other operations, 
and will be much bigger than the 100 tables combined, if I enable 
indexing on the most queried fields. I'm not a DB guru, so there's 
probably something I'm missing here.

> Things like countries and other "static" bits should be hardcoded.
> Does the "countries" table update itself in real time or something? If
> not, why have it in the database at all? I see it's pulling from a CSV
> file.. Why not change that file into a PHP array and then just load
> the array and do the substitution that way?

Hardcoded? I had thought about that, but in other words you're 
suggesting that it's better to load a 3.5 Mb array into memory EVERY 
TIME the plugin has to record a new hit, than querying the database to 
find the same information, am I right? My Wordpress is already taking 48 
megabyte of RAM to load and perform each single request, should I really 
add 3.5 more megabytes to the pile? I mean, if you think this is the way 
to go, and that it performs better than a DB query, I'll do it :-) But 
when then users will complain about their RAM usage, I'll send them to 
you, ok? :)

> Another point that comes to mind is that, generally speaking, almost
> all of this data is never actually used for anything. A lot of stats
> plugins are like this, they store data for every hit to the site, but
> then only really display charts, graphs, and other summary type
> information.

Sorry, but this is not the case with WP SlimStat. It allows you to 
drill-down into the metrics, filtering data, and ultimately giving you 
access to the 'raw data' that users can browse and inspect line by line. 
It's not just a bunch of graphs and charts, please try it by yourself :-)

Thank you again for your time, really appreciated.

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