[wp-hackers] Inline documentation

Abhay Kumar lists at abhaykumar.net
Fri Feb 17 00:07:24 GMT 2006

> Let me add back in that I think many of the tags that are included
> there should be omitted from WordPress. The author, copyright,
> version, etc. aren't needed, just param and return really.

My list of what I think should be included (including what was said
above) and why:
* deprecated
** it's useful and we already have depreciated functions that are commented.
* global
** it's always useful to define where the global variable was intially
set. just good practice in general.
* param
** duh
* return
** duh
* since
** i know we have a subversion repository to track this but it's nice
to see it in the code directly.
* todo
** we already have this, might as well conform to a standard
* var
** should be obvious
* link
** provide a link to the codex for a specific function

- Abhay
Abhay Kumar

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