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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Tue Oct 11 17:23:33 GMT 2005

Dougal Campbell <dougal at gunters.org> wrote:
|  I know that SV will have a more limited audience (thus my comment 
|  the high barrier to entry). But I wanted to be sure that people were
|  aware of it. I'm hoping one day to set up some sort of distributed 
|  of the blacklist information though. This would allow a separate 
|  to utilize the information, though without the firewalling abilities.

centralised balcklist? didn't Mark Ghosh start a project called CSPAM 
had a centralised blacklist which got input from the CSPAM plugins 
on all blogs? anyway, its gonna be a heavy duty project, just like 

|  Since SV only blacklists a host after it triggers spam tests multiple
|  times, I consider it to be fairly high-confidence information. And 
|  it automatically expires entries after a period of inactivity, it
|  shouldn't have too many false-positives due to dynamic IP addressing.

I think that current plugins that blacklists, like Spam Karma, also use
something like this, meaning expiring IPs & domains which cease to
spam, no?

But I like your idea overall, blacklisting at firewall level will save 
quite a
many resources, especially for blogs that get a lot of spam!! :)

Amit Gupta
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