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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Sun Nov 13 11:06:26 GMT 2005

David House <dmhouse at gmail.com> wrote:
|  My vote would have to be with a backup plugin as well. WP-DB-Backup 
|  pretty small at around 30KB, is used pretty widely and has made it
|  through such trials as backup weekend, so I'd call it mature. Of
|  course, it's also a plugin that promotes good practice.

since WP-Cron has already been suggested to be included, I've a 
better or not is up to you guys to decide. How about giving the user an 
to backup the DB at regular intervals, which the user can choose in the 
further, the user can choose the backup to be emailed to him if he wants 
have the backup done to a non-public directory on the server.

I don't know whether this is currently possible by combining WP-Cron & 
DB backup plugin, but it sure would be nice to give user this feature 
without requiring him to procure plugins from anywhere, since as I've 
seen, non-tech
users generally don't pay any attention to backups etc. of DB as such & 
then they
are really in a state of panic when their DB is lost somehow!!

Amit Gupta
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