[wp-forums] Disappearing topic title issue

Takayuki Miyoshi takayukister at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 12:08:00 UTC 2014

Hello there. I'm a moderator of the Japanese forum (
http://ja.forums.wordpress.org). We are occasionally seeing issues that
topic titles disappear after opening new topics without original poster's

We have heard from some users who have encountered this issue. Apparently
it happens when a very long Japanese text is used for a title. I tested
with one of the titles which are actually used in the problematic topics,
and could reproduce the issue.


The original title I actually input was
"新着記事表示にカテゴリー名を色分けして表示する方法(複数カテゴリーに所属している場合)", but as you see, it has

This issue started to happen about a month ago. We hadn't seen it before
that. So I guess it relates to any changes to the forum system applied
around that time. Were there any change?

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