[wp-docs] Link Spawning Search Results

Lorelle on WordPress lorelleonwordpress at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 22:02:11 UTC 2011

I have two complains about search results on the Codex.

We suddenly have link spawning (opening links in new tabs and windows) in
search results on the Codex. I thought the search results page was broken.
I kept clicking links and nothing happening. Then I found 8 pages open at
the end of my tab queue. NOT COOL. Let's kill this as soon as possible.
Breaks web standards and causes more work.

The other thing is that the search box when in the Codex area says "Search
Codex" yet it returns search results from everything. We've talked about
this before. It causes problems as it doesn't seem to prioritize Codex
content and often brings up unhelpful support discussions and WordPress
Plugins when all I need is to look something up.

Is there any way to prioritize the Codex information when searching in the
Codex or separating out the rest of the stuff below and the Codex results
up top?

Thanks for letting me kvetch. :D

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