[wp-docs] Memory consumption

Nicolas Kuttler wp-docs at nicolaskuttler.de
Mon Sep 13 11:32:51 UTC 2010

Hello everybody,

3.0 seems to use significantly more RAM than previous versions. There
often are "out of memory" questions, and there doesn't seem to be
anything about that on the codex.


isn't really satisfactory. I don't know enough to write a good page on
memory usage but would like to see something like

- How to determine how much RAM you have available (using phpinfo)
  - I guess I could write something about this
- Ways to increase your memory limit
  - Looks OS-specific to me, not really relevant on shared hosting
- How to reduce your memory usage
  - removing plugins, translations, maybe editing/adding a php.ini,
	and... ?
- How reliable is @ini_set( 'memory_limit' ... as used in the admin area
  and with WP_MEMORY_LIMIT

Any suggestions?

The obvious answer is to get more RAM, but sometimes that's not an option.


Nicolas Kuttler
wp at nkuttler.de

http://www.nicolaskuttler.de (deutsch)

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