[wp-docs] Codex Spam

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Mon Jun 21 14:13:39 UTC 2010

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<AANLkTimrRD-vYEhAuvCMOD2yYnjvLcpGe63x_HgWY0Zx at mail.gmail.com>, Lorelle 
on WordPress <lorelleonwordpress at gmail.com> writes
> They are also
>looking at turning off open registration on the Codex as registration across
>.org is all combined.

Is this the case even for people who have older .org logins?  I know 
when I first joined I had to create a separate login for the Codex.

Just slightly concerned that people currently can't get a new Codex 
account. (The "create account" link on Codex has gone now, I notice.)


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